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It’s 2020

It’s 2020. New year, new you. New opportunities, new horizons, new job? New possibilities ! A better body ? You’re going to hit the gym. Lent is coming up. What are you giving up? Sugar? No too hard. Wine? Don’t be ridiculous. How about self respect? Self love? Your confidence has already gone to shit. May as well throw away your new personality too. Trolling the internet, and following people to become ‘A Better Person’. A better version of yourself. Who are you really kidding though? By the end of the year (most likely April), you’ll be planning your hope for the next. You’re just going to keep waiting to really make a change, because guess what? You haven’t done anything yet. And you’ll probably still have that job you hate so much, and that same arsehole in your life. Your dreams won’t have changed much, but become faded with your motivation. I’ll tell you what will be new though; your misery will be one step closer to depression, if it isn’t already.

Moral of the story ? Stop waiting for next year.

Stand Out With Me Blogger

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